1.1. Abstract

This document compiles the release notes for the Gambia release of OPNFV SFC

1.2. Important notes

These notes provide release information for the use of SFC with the Apex installer, xci tool and Compass4NFV for the Gambia release of OPNFV.

1.3. Summary

The goal of the SFC release is to integrate the OpenDaylight SFC project into an OPNFV environment, with either the Apex installer, xci tool or Compass4NFV.

More information about OpenDaylight and SFC can be found here.

1.4. Release Data

Project sfc
Repo/tag opnfv-7.2.0
Release designation Gambia 7.2
Release date January 25th, 2019
Purpose of the delivery Move to OpenStack Rocky, ODL FLuorine and OVS 2.9.2 (NSH native support) Move to odl_v2 driver in n-sfc

1.4.1. Version change Module version changes

This release of OPNFV sfc is based on following upstream versions:

  • OpenStack Rocky release
  • OpenDaylight Fluorine SR1 release
  • Open vSwitch 2.9.2 Document changes

This is the first tracked version of OPNFV SFC Gambia. It comes with the following documentation:

  • Design document
  • User Guide
  • Installation Instructions
  • Release notes (This document)

1.4.2. Reason for version Feature additions

  • Use odl_v2 driver for n-sfc
  • Unit test creation
  • Code refactored
  • Tests can be run without tacker and with n-sfc directly Bug corrections

1.4.3. Deliverables Software deliverables

No specific deliverables are created, as SFC is included with Apex and Compass4NFV. Documentation deliverables

  • Design document
  • User Guide
  • Installation Instructions
  • Release notes (This document)

1.5. Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

1.5.1. System Limitations

The Gambia 2.0 release has a few limitations:

1 - The testcase sfc_two_chains_SSH_and_HTTP is disabled in this release due to a missing feature in ODL. We are unable to currently update a chain config

1.5.2. Known issues

1 - When tacker is deployed without Mistral, there is an ERROR in the logs and the VIM is always in ‘PENDING’ state because tacker cannot monitor its health. However, everything works and SFs can be created.

2 - When tacker is deployed without barbican, it cannot be in HA mode because barbican is the only way to fetch the fernet keys.

1.5.3. Workarounds

1.6. Test results

The Gambia release of SFC has undergone QA test runs with Functest tests on the Apex and Compass installers and xci utility

1.7. References

For more information on the OPNFV Gambia release, please see:

1.7.3. OpenDaylight

  1. OpenDaylight artifacts